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Relocation Tours

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Beach area property tours are provided to familiarise yourself with the various areas and amenities available in the beach or surrounding mountain areas. These tours will assist in acclimatising and providing peace of mind.

Property Tours

  • ½ Day / Full Day / 2 Day Tours
  • Lunch included
  • Viewing of areas and properties (land, houses, condos or B & B’s)
  • Viewing of local amenities (medical facilities, supermarkets, hardware stores, convenient stores, entertainment, restaurants and so much more.
  • Local information of areas visited
  • Cost of living and budget expectations
  • Logistics (transport services / vehicle rentals)
  • Climate information
  • Legal services information

Eco Tourism Tours

Eco tourism tours offer you the opportunity to explore Panama from the bustling city to the breath-taking beach areas and the picturesque mountainous regions, whilst seeing options for you and your family to relocate to.

Customised tours to cater to your specific requirements

  • Panama City Tour including Casco Viejo and the Amador
  • Beach Area / Mountain Tour
  • Monkey Island Tour / Tobogo Island
  • Bocas Del Toro Tour
  • Boquette / David Tour
  • Hiking Tours
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