Design the Life you Want to Live

Tours, Property Sales and Rentals. Legal Services

Live Your Best Life

Design the Life you Want to Live

Tours, Property Sales and Rentals. Legal Services

Live Your Best Life

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Turnkey solutions for everyone looking to relocate to Panama. Starting with relocation tours and the entire process including finding your new home.

Life by Design offer a range of “1-Stop-Shop” services from approved and reputable partners here on the Pacific Coast. Our partners are specialists in their fields and

As a Team Partners we ensure that we provide “World Class” services to our clientele for all Relocation requirements in Panama. Relocating to a new country can be a daunting task for many families with not knowing where to start and having a list of reliable partners to offer a unique “1-Stop-Shop” basket of service offerings.

Our valued added services with Key Partners are what separate us from the rest, we are here to take away the worries of relocating to Panama and ultimately turning it in to an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Your peace of mind and unique experience in Panama is our No #1 priority.

Relocation Tours

Beach area property tours are provided to familiarise yourself with the various areas and amenities available in....

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Real Estate / New Property Developments

Our Real Estate partners have a reputable reputation and are highly respected, as the best....

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Property Rentals

We cater to your specific needs based on your arrival dates, duration of stay, rental period, budget and....

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Property Management

Property management services are vitally important to property owners and investors. Based on the...

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Immigration & Legal services

Accredited and licensed law firms in the City and at the beach area to assist with all your immigra...

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About Us

Life by Design is operated by a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who enjoy empowering others through personal experiences.

We want you to Live your Best Life in Panama by making use of our services for your introduction – a “One Stop Shop” ensuring your transition to Panama encompasses an exploratory and step by step support process, resulting in a permanent stay in Panama. We have partnerships with key players and service providers to provide our clients with an all-inclusive service offering to manage and facilitate your requirements. Making your dream a reality remains our key focus, while keeping your expectations real and tangible.

Depending on your needs as an individual or family, we have various expert representation and information available, ensuring your decisions are comfortable whether Panama is your choice for retirement, vacation, or permanent residence- whatever your goal is, we are here to help you. Majority of the team has chosen Panama as their destination – reassuring you that we have all been through the process from all over the world. The mixed bunch stretches from Australia, America, South Africa, and Canada to name a few.

Design the life you want to live – its not as out of reach as you may think…

Gareth & Tarryn

Dynamic Husband and Wife team. The adventure bug bit them hard, they decided to open their paths to a giant adventure across the world. Deciding on Panama after much research and faith, and loving all that Panama has presented to them. Between them they have years of experience and here to help you live your best life!

Gareth Tyack
Gareth Tyack
Founder & CEO

I am a passionate, creative, and open-minded individual who enjoys the great outdoors and adventures. I am an entrepreneur and enjoy challenging the status quo.

I am originally from South Africa and currently reside in Panama Oeste with my family. After exploring many options to immigrate to, we settled on Panama as our new home. I have over 20+ years’ experience in business, sales, and marketing management.

We are associated and have partnered up with Real Estate, Rentals, Property management and Property Relocation Tours specialists in Panama, to provide the most effective and efficient service for all our relocation clients.

“Live you Best Life!”

    Tarryn Tyack
    Tarryn Tyack
    Co-Founder & Creative Director

    My love for creativity and art stretches far back to my childhood. I learned Ballet from the age of three and performed professionally for 12 years. I enjoy teaching a variety of disciplines in Dance, Pilates, Body Conditioning, and various Movement Techniques has been my best way to share my passion with all those that have crossed my path.

    I have been in the sales and marketing space for high-end luxury global eyewear brands for over 10 years. I get to use my creativity, some corporate marketing skills and even get a little teaching in.

    “The discipline of a ballet dancer makes for successful ventures in other industries”

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      Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic


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      We do work closely with market leaders to ensure that you get the best tailored solution to not only meet your expectations but exceed far beyond.

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